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F A Q’s about Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

What is PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

PEMF is a therapeutic technology/device which is a fast and easy to use system for pain management and the recovery from sports injuries, lower back pain, muscle aches and pains, headaches, nervous tension and stress, improved immune system high blood pressure and degenerative conditions related to aging.

How long does it take for PEMF to work?

A dog can get immediate pain relief from just one treatment! But the ultimate effect of PEMF therapy is cumulative. It could take a week to a month for the mechanisms triggered by the therapy to manifest in noticeable, lasting results.

How long should a PEMF session be?

The recommended application of PEMF varies from one hour, for an average of 20 sessions for chronic conditions, to several daily sessions for health maintenance, according to multiple manufacturers.

What does PEMF do to the brain?

High frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) stimulation is an emerging noninvasive therapy that induces small electrical currents in tissue. It has been shown that PEMF has anti-inflammatory effect in traumatized brain and have been suggested as adjunctive treatment in brain disorders 

How do you feel after PEMF?

First, you may have an enjoyable experience with a range of positive sensations such as enhanced natural recovery, relaxation, increased energy. Experiences like these are wonderful as they quickly validate the investment of PEMF. However, not everyone will reach those results immediately.

How does PEMF heal the body?

Pulsed PEMF therapy sends magnetic energy into the body. These energy waves work with your body’s natural magnetic field to improve healing. The magnetic fields help you to increase electrolytes and ions. This naturally influences electrical changes on a cellular level and influences cellular metabolism.

Can I sleep on my PEMF mat?

Plus, because PEMF electromagnetic waves are extremely safe, you can lie down and relax on the mat for as long as you like.

Can you overuse PEMF?

If necessary, it is possible to repeat the treatment several times a day or week. For example, in the case of arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis and joint pain. However, there is no risk of overdosing.

Does PEMF reduce inflammation?

Clinical results show that PEMF treatment promotes the resolution of inflammation by stimulating the expression of cytokines and metabolic pathways involved in dampening and resolving the inflammatory response.

Can PEMF help with anxiety?

PEMFs, including higher and lower intensity PEMFs, have been found to be very helpful in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including PTSD. The value of PEMFs is that there is a great potential for ongoing PEMF therapies in the home setting to provide enduring and long-lasting benefits with continued treatment.

Is PEMF anti aging?

The use of PEMF is safe and effective for treating aged skin. Treatment improved skin condition, decreasing skin laxity, attenuating wrinkles, and smoothing facial and neck contour, with no pain or undesirable side effects.

Does PEMF help with circulation?

PEMF Therapy Increases Blood and Lymphatic Circulation. Clinical studies has shown that PEMF therapy mechanically stimulates blood vessels and blood flow, the blood vessels pump blood and oxygen into the cells.

Is PEMF good for depression?

PEMF can be used to relieve depression and even treatment resistant depression. The clinical studies show significant improvement for those with mental illness issues such as mood disorders, pain, anxiety, as well as other conditions.

Does PEMF help arthritis?

Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) can provide noninvasive, safe and easy to apply method to treat pain, inflammation and dysfunctions associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) and PEMF has a long term record of safety.

Does PEMF help nerve pain?

These unique treatments not only increase circulation rehabilitating the cause of neuropathy but also stimulates electrical and chemical processes to relieve pain and prompt nerve tissue healing.

Does PEMF relax muscles?

PEMF therapy is highly effective when it comes to easing the discomfort of tense muscles. PEMF therapy can be very effective in the repair of bone and soft tissue, and can also provide effective relief from overly tense muscles. In many instances, it can even eliminate the need for surgical procedures.

Can PEMF regrow cartilage?

PEMF, a remedy for delayed union and nonunions of bone fractures, has also been suggested as an alternative treatment for OA. PEMF promotes bone and cartilage growth based on basic principles of physics: Wolff’s law, the piezoelectric properties of collagens, and the concept of streaming potentials. The safety and efficacy of the PEMF is well established. PEMF has been known to increase morphogens to promote osteogenesis

What are the general health benefits of PEMF therapy?

The following is a list of the general health benefits from using PEMF therapy:

  • Improved re-generations speeds recovery from physical exertion, strenuous activities and workouts, etc.;
  • Balances the body’s acupuncture meridians in just a few minutes;
  • Strengthens the immune system – gentle magnetic intensity does not over-stimulate the body;
  • Improved wound healing – post-operative wound healing, better scar healing, from  injuries, etc;
  • Positive effects on pain reduction resulting from various causes – arthritis, back pain, bursitis, muscle stress, etc;
  • Normalizes action of the cellular electrical voltage potentials for healthier  metabolism.


Physiological Reactions that may surface during PEMF Therapy

Reactions Electromagnetic Field Therapy can return vitality to a damaged organ after many years of malfunction. This healing process could express itself as exhaustion and severe sleep to allow the body to heal itself. Sleep is good. Frequency therapy not only relieves the pain symptoms but aids to remove the root cause of the illness which is often from environmental toxins. In the cleaning detox phase, various accompanying symptoms might occur temporarily. Sometimes feeling bad is good! It shows that the magnetic field therapy is working. The most common reactions are:

As a way of getting rid of body poison quickly. Drink much clean, pure, spring water!

Are an indication of high perspiration and detoxification. The circulatory system might choose to bypass the liver and intestinal excretory organs and use the skin as the “third kidney”.

Can occur due to the search for a desired resting target state, based on the current disordered state. Blood pressure medication should be continued as prescribed and consult your doctor often.

Can occur as a result of detoxing and the symptoms are among the most common first reactions of aggravation.

This is as a result of the pain-conducting fibers experiencing sensory overload or saturation.

More and less taste sensitivity is a sign of positive influence of the sensory fibre parts in the brain.

As a result of toxins moving throughout the body.

Can also be observed as a reaction of the organism that is experiencing a high toxic load.

By stimulating the secretion through the intestine, kidney, skin, lung, vaginal fluid and saliva.

During normalization of the biorhythms, it can lead to changes in the duration and timing of the menstruation. It eventually will lead towards a restoration of the cycle.