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Biomag Lumina 3D-e Sport PEMF  System – $3600.00 plus shipping

Biomag® Lumina 3D-e is an active therapeutic device – a PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy device for individual use or in combination with other medical treatment and devices as a supplemental therapy within a comprehensive treatment plan.

The goal of Biomag® low frequency pulsed magnetic field therapy is to utilise its biological effects on tissue in a way that helps mitigate some symptoms. These symptoms are primarily pain, swelling, spasms, and changes in microcirculation. It also promotes healing and mitigates those symptoms that can be influenced by these effects.

Physiological changes in tissue after application of Biomag® magnetic therapy occur due to pain mitigation and vasodilation of capillaries and precapillaries, which leads to the following treatment effects:

  • pain-relieving – analgesic, reduces pain
  • healing – promoting regeneration, anti-inflammatory
    and anti-rheumatic effects
  • anti-swelling – reduces swelling (oedema)
    myorelaxing – relaxes muscles
  • vasodilating – improves microcirculation in particular
  • metabolic-detoxifying – accelerates the elimination
    of toxins and metabolites

Biomag Lumina 3D Controller

Biomags’ Lumina 3D-e controller is lightweight, portable and easy to use. Through decades of engineering Biomag has designed a controller that offers the ability to run 4 applicators at one time while the competition will offer the ability to run one or two. Our Lumina 3D-e controller can also allow you to run 2 applicators for one person while running 2 more applicators for a second person simultaneously. Therefore one person could program pain relief for themselves and the partner could run a relaxation program at the same time. 

Special Note: Biomag has many mats and applicators to choose from but we will only stock the most popular and most effective for our customers. While there are 4 applicator plugs on the front of the controller, if someone uses the 3D mat then 3 of the plugs will be utilized at the same time therefore leaving one plug available for a single applicator.

Biomag Lumina Sports Portability and Versatility

Biomag Joint Therapy

Biomag Lymphatic Anti-Swelling Therapy

Portable Core Therapy

Biomag Vest Application for Back, Lungs, Heart & Digestive

Biomag Portable Therapy for Head, Neck, Shoulders & Back

Biomag Local Applicator

The Biomag local applicator is great for focusing on a local specific area such as neck, back, knee or hip joints. The applicator has 2 choices for therapy, either Spot or Wide Pulse. The Spot has an intensity of 350 gauss and the Wide has a broader pulse with 200 gauss. In clinical trials it has been shown that to permeate muscle tissue and penetrate bone you need at least 65 gauss.

Many PEMF systems that are on the market only offer 1 to 3 gauss intensity therefore they cannot deliver the results that the Biomag system offers. They can help slightly with increased circulation but again its mostly surface and topical unlike the Biomags Gauss rating of 350 gauss which will penetrate through the entire body. 

Applicator Dimensions – 6.7 inches tall x 5 inches wide x 1 inch thick  / Weight 1.27 pounds

Biomag Variable Therapeutic Programs 

Pain Relief – Analgesic

Pain-relieving effect
Due to electromagnetic induction, the PEMF determines the
formation of current in nerve fibres. This induced current blocks
the passage of painful sensations from the painful site through
the spinal cord to the brain centres. As a result of this and some
other mechanisms, pain is suppressed. These other mechanisms
also include the increased formation of endorphins, suppression
of inflammation and swelling. Furthermore, the myorelaxation mechanism or myotonus release are applied. Increased production
of endorphins and control of calcium ion transfer through the
cell membrane also helps achieve vasodilation, and analgesic
and calming effects. After applying PEMF, increased lactate
dehydrogenase activity in exposed muscles was proven. Lactate
dehydrogenase determines the removal of lactic acid, which
stimulates neural receptors and causes pain.

Myorelaxation & Anti Spasmodic

Myorelaxing effect
The PEMF accelerates the flushing of acidic metabolites that cause
painful irritation in muscles and sites of chronic inflammations.
The flushing of these metabolites is given by improved perfusion
(flow through tissues) and by the increased activity of lactate
dehydrogenase, which conditions the degradation of lactic acid.
PEMF applications considerably reduce muscle spasms (cramps).
The therapy also decreases radicular irritation, which often causes
tingling and throbbing or burning pain. By suppressing pain, the
PEMF modulates reflexive changes in the body. Modulation of these
reflexes in the body causes muscle spasms or contractures and
cramps to relax. This relaxation results in additional pain relief. PEMF
application leads to the relaxation of skeletal muscles and improved
mobility. This improved mobility will enable further extension
of therapy, e.g., in the form of light physiotherapy exercises.

Cell Restoration

The cell restoration and regenerative effect of PEMF on bones and soft
tissue is explained by the non-specific irritation of the cytoplasmic
(cellular) membrane. In this membrane, the metabolic chain is
activated and its key point is the ratio change between cAMP
and cGMP, thus the ratio change between cyclic adenosine
monophosphate and cyclic guanosine monophosphate. In case of
using regenerative effect on bones, the applications lead to the
increase of osteoclasts and to the subsequent start of the process
of bone tissue regeneration. The PEMF considerably increases
healing, activates the creation of new tissue, calcification and
leads to increased parathormone sensitivity which, in addition to
other things, helps control the level of calcium in the body. Better
blood perfusion of tissue and greater oxygen saturation helps to
quickly reduce inflammation in all tissue and, at the same time, the
effect of possible antibiotic treatment is potentiated.
Healing of damaged peripheral nerves is considerably accelerated,
and the regeneration of neurofibrils (fibers in neurons) and the
growth of central axons (fiber coming out from cells) is also

Vasodilation & Microcirculation

Vasodilating effect
With suitably set parameters, the PEMF acts against blood
sludging, i.e., agglutination of the erythrocytes which transport
oxygen in blood. This results in the repeated dispersion of
individual erythrocytes so the area of oxygen binding becomes
larger. The blood which has passed through a suitable magnetic
field thereby has a higher ability to bind oxygen and transport it to
the tissue. Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy activates the
parasympathetic nervous system and promotes the reflux of Ca2+
ions, which leads to relaxation of the blood vessel muscles (precapillary sphincters in particular) and to subsequent vasodilation. The LPMF application affects the polarisation of red blood cells by
positive charge. Polarisation of blood cells acts on the tone of fine
vessels, arterioles and capillaries. It results in the enlargement of
this blood pool (vasodialtion and microcirculation improvement),
thus in the better supply of tissue with oxygenated blood and
nutrients. Improved microcirculation also contributes to the faster
conduction of toxic substances and metabolites from tissue.
PEMF also considerably increases partial pressure of oxygen and
acts on blood cell plasticity or elasticity. More elastic blood cells
can then pass through the blood pool better. In addition, with longterm applications of this method, neovascularisation also occurs
and thus faster formation of new vessels. At the same time, the
magnetic field reduces the risk of blood clots (thrombi)

Anti Swelling

Anti-swelling and tissue inflammation reduction.
Swelling is caused by the disorder of blood circulation at the level
of blood capillaries with the subsequent accumulation of fluid
between cells. PEMF applications aim to counteract the main
causes of swelling, i.e., increased blood pressure in capillaries (the
smallest blood vessels in the body), the disorder of fluid outflow
from tissue and also the possible increase in the permeability of
the capillaries walls. Improved perfusion, i.e., better tissue flow,
plays an important role in the anti-flow effect of PEMF. Accelerated
metabolism after the application of low-frequency pulsed magnetic
therapy enables faster re-absorption of swelling and significant
anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in the affected area.

Cell & Organ Detoxing

(The dominant effect is increased metabolism and cellular detoxification)
We use it for promoting metabolism and detoxification,
Metabolic-detoxifying effect
PEMF passes evenly through human tissue and can is one of the
few methods that can also act at sites of internal inflammation.
Where PEMF is applied, it acts on each cell and induces weak
electric currents in it. Due to this induction, the surface potentials
of cells change. The basis of every detoxifying process is a better
supply of nutrients and better removal of metabolic waste products
from tissue.

Biomag System Specifications

  • 3D-e patented Biomag® technology – the second generation of the already-revolutionary pulsed magnetic device
  • 6 innovative 3D-e programs with a therapeutic effect for a wide range of symptoms
  • Colour touch display
  • Adjustable time of applications 5-90 minutes
  • 4 outputs – entirely independent channels for the newest Biomag® applicators
  • Intensity of up to 35 mT for each output
  • Intensity setting 1-100%
  • Possibility of starting two independent programs
  • 108 specialized programs included.
  • Frequency of 1-81 Hz for low-frequency magnetic therapy

Connectable Applicators

Biomag devices come in various sets, which are always comprised of a device and a detachable magnetic therapy applicator or applicators and other accessories (bags, stabilizing belts etc) according to your needs.

We always select from the applicator offer the most suitable ones for the particular therapeutic intention in terms of size and shape. When assessing the suitable use of individual applicators, we concentrate on the applicator to be placed on the body comfortably and as close as possible to the affected place. Some applicators can be fixed to the affected part of the body with an elastic strap.

The applicators are attachable parts of the Biomag® equipment and consist of air coils with enamelled copper wire or another conductor wound up in a special structure. The applicator surface is made of quality artificial leather. All applicators are provided with plastic clips holding labels with the manufacturer’s logo. The applicators have 1-connectors , 2-connectors , 3-connectors .

Return Policy

We always recommend that our customers make an educated decision when making a large purchase. Please understand that the correction and restoration process takes time and does not reverse chronic health issues in 30 days. Some issues may take months to show major improvement. We suggest you call Coach Jimmy K at 503-395-4142 for a more detailed explanation of how PEMF works and what to expect. 

Therefore we offer a 30 day return policy with a 20% restock fee minus original shipping fees. The purchaser must call us first to obtain a return authorization and then ship the Biomag system with all attachments to the address that we will provide. The system must be in like new condition with no stains, blemishes or damage to the mat, applicator, controller or carrying case. We will access the condition and process a refund to your original payment method. Purchaser is responsible for return shipping and provide us with a tracking number.


Even though the use of PEMF therapy has been used for over 100 years without harm to anyone always consult your physician or medical professional. Devices and applicators of Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy are not to be used with any of the following contraindications. Not respecting these contraindications can lead to damaged health of the patient and the device operator!

If unsure whether you understand the following list of contraindications and guidelines of safe operation of the device, consult your medical practitioner. 

  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Menstrual bleeding
  • Tumors
  • Severe sepsis
  • Fevers
  • Active Tuberculosis
  • Mycosis in the application area
  • Seizure disorders
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Adrenal gland hyperfunction
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland
  • Psychoses
  • Pain of unknown origin
  • Undetermined diagnosis
  • Contradiction to treatment recommended by a physician