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Understanding PEMF ( Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy )

The energies prevalent in nature are a manifestation of electromagnetic in nature. The cell to cell activities within our bodies are due to the exchange of the electromagnetic energies at the cellular level. Within the health conscious society we dwell, everyone is aware of the terms electrocardiogram and the electroencephalograph tests. These two tests are used to measure the activity of the heart and the brain respectively. The world is certainly aware of the fact that once the electromagnetic activities within the body come to a halt, the life itself comes to an end. The entire control of the activities within our bodies is due to the electromagnetic energy. An imbalance in this energy disrupts the entire functioning of the body by impeding the metabolism between the cells. If this happens then the cells will not function appropriately and thus hamper the health. The following section will discuss in detail the introduction to the magnetic fields, pulsed electromagnetic fields and their curative proceedings in the human body.

Introduction to electromagnetic fields:

To experience what a magnetic field is actually like, then one needs to hold two magnets and force them together. The resistance felt during this process is nothing but the magnetic field. The molten metal within the earth’s crust has even resulted in the Earth having its own magnetic field. It is due to this field that the north direction is indicated by a compass. An alteration in the magnetic flux can generate an electric current such as the variation in the magnetic field due to the variation in the electric current flowing through a coil. It is this principle on which the electric motors and electric generators work. Electrical energy and magnetic field influence each other greatly. A changing magnetic flux has the potential to produce electric current and vice versa. This is a natural observable fact that has existed in nature for years. The movement of the electric charges leads to the creation of electromagnetic field. It highly impacts any charged particle in its environs.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields [PEMFs]

The PEMFs have been used widely as they have the potential to advance the circulation and the cell metabolism. Static magnetic fields are not able to penetrate the human body deeply as pulsed electromagnetic fields are capable of. They are quite dynamic and create a surge of effects within the body. There is a huge distinction in the electromagnetic fields used for curative purposes and the ones used for other purposes like in power transmission systems and cell phones which have the potential to cause ill effects on the human body. However, the PEMF devices used for therapeutic purposes are very safe and make use of electromagnetic fields of lesser intensity and are corresponding to the body functions.

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on the human body

Anything in the vicinity of the electromagnetic fields suffers behavioral changes. The activities within the human body have the potential to generate these fields. For instance, the heart beats generate these waves throughout the blood flow passage within the human body. These in turn excite the tissues at the cellular level. The electric and the magnetic fields which are generated within the body interact with those fields which are present outside the body. Any electromagnetic field passing through our body stimulates the each and every cell present within the body. These have a huge impact on the activities taking place within the body at the micro level and affect the activities in taking place in the cells be it human cells or any other plant or animal cell.

Impact of magnetic fields on the basic cell activities

The cells are always busy in extracting the energy in order to flush out the toxins from the body, to heal itself and perform each and every task which is essential to sustain the day to day functions of the body. There is an increase in the movement of ions within the tissues and the fluids within the body in the presence of electromagnetic waves. Hence, in order to move an ion in any living organism it is just required to subject them to electromagnetic waves. This movement can trigger a lot of chemical & electrical activities in the human body thus helping it heal quickly.

Cells consume energy in order to function peacefully without any hassles. This is possible only when Adenosine Triphosphate [ATP] is supplied to the cells. ATP enhances the metabolic activities of the cells. Deterioration in the ATP levels within the body can affect the activities of the cells and might result in cell impairment. An increase in the movements of the ions and electrolytes can boost the cell activity by 500%.

Cellular Treatment

Cell membranes channel up in the presence of electromagnetic waves. They are like any passages which allow the exchange of nutrients and waste in and out of the cells. This enhances the ease with which the materials flow into and out of the cells. This channeling up of cells reinstates the cell functions and hence the efficiency of the cells. Cells are the principal components of the tissues and these in turn make up the organs. Hence, when the tissues are restored the organ functions are restored and the body functions smoothly. The body ages over time. Hence it is vital for all the organs to function efficiently.

PEMF Healing

The body contracts diseases when the cells stop to carry out its day to day functions. Magnetic fields come into the picture as they have the potential to heal the impairments in the cells and even enhance the protein intake of the cell. These proteins maintain the cells healthy, and prevent them from further damages. The magnetic fields make sure that the activities of the cells and hence the organs function properly.

Myths about magnetic fields

The intensity of the magnetic fields varies with the frequency. The higher the frequency greater is the impact by these magnetic fields. Based on the frequency levels, the electromagnetic waves can be used as extremely low frequencies [ELFs], very low frequencies [VLFs], ultraviolet and infrared frequency levels. The risk the body is subjected to is higher during the usage of cell phones or near power lines. It is because the intensity of the electromagnetic waves near these sources is too high. These high frequency waves have the capacity to induce heat in the cellular level within the body and thus modify the genetic structure. This causes the cells to die. The electronic appliances which are regularly used everyday emit electromagnetic waves of lesser frequency and are considered safe by the regulating bodies. The devices used for medical purposes are very safe. The high diagnostic machines which utilize quite high frequencies are also considered safe for people operating them provided they follow the norms laid down for the usage.

Prolonged Exposure to Magnetic Fields

The magnetic fields with low intensity are pretty safe for the people getting exposed to them. Healthy cells are not affected by the presence of the magnetic fields because they cannot be stimulated more than their actual capacity. Only cells, which are weaker get stimulated by the PEMFs.

The time period required for the healing process

It is very easy to treat minor damages caused to cells. People usually seek treatment only once the situations go way beyond their control. In this case, the damages caused just deepens and it becomes to treat such cases. PEMFS don’t actually cure diseases. They just promote the activities of the body at the cellular level so that the organs functions efficiently. The extent to which the damage has been done to the body decides the time period required for the healing process due to treatments. The greater the damage longer is the duration of the treatment and higher is the time taken by the body to heal itself. If the damage is way beyond control, then it might not be possible to see any effects of the PEMFs healing process. This doesn’t mean that PEMFs don’t work. A body’s healing process is totally different and no scientific instrument can interfere with that. A lot of patience is required in order to witness significant results.

PEMFs and their role in treating other ailments

PEMFs don’t actually heal any ailments like diabetes or cancer. All they do is help the cells perform their functions to the fullest. This is turn can help the body to respond to other treatments. However, these magnetic fields can be used to reduce pain or any inflammation But in no case can PEMFs be suggested as a primary treatment by any health care professional. They can be made use of only after proper diagnosis.

Best PEMFs systems

It is quite not possible to demarcate between which PEMFs devices are best for treatments. There are various devices available in the market and they differ in their functions and even their application is not same in all the cases. The medical condition of a patient is the primary factor in deciding which device will play the best role in restoring the normal health conditions. If the condition is severe, then the devices which utilized a quite high frequency PEMFs will be made use of by the health care experts.

Frequency of Treatments

The magnetic fields, not just help the body during treatments but also help with maintenance of the day to day activities. The PEMFs can be used regularly at home and thus help prevent any massive attack from ailments. However, a discussion with a health care professional is must before making any decision. These also complement other medications and enhances the results.

Effects of PEMFs

It is evident that the magnetic fields charge up the ions in the body and also enhances the flow of the nutrients into the cell. If the quantity of the nutrients like calcium, sodium, phosphorous are not at optimum levels within the body, then there wouldn’t be any healing effect to witness. Right amount of nutrients must go into the body and hence it would be great to take nutrient supplements. Doctors advise their patients undergoing magnetic therapies to drink lots of water and also to take magnesium supplements for better results.

Advantages of using PEMFs:

Magnetic fields have been known to speed up the circulation process within the body. There are a lot of cells within the body like the red blood cells and the white blood cells. These cells possess charges. When they lose their charge they end up sticking to each other and thus inhibit the circulation process. Passing a magnetic field through such lump of cells can instantly energize them and bring back the circulation process on track. This significantly increases the flow of nutrients into the blood vessels and dilate the network. This promotes the flow of oxygen and helps the damaged tissues repair themselves. Poor circulation only adds to the problems.

All human beings aren’t devoid from of stress caused due to daily activities. A form of positive stress commonly referred to as eustress is necessary for the survival. But too much of anything is certainly not good for the body. The same applies to stress as well. 65% of the illnesses in the body are triggered by the stress activities. Stress reduction activities just delay the damages to show up by a considerable amount of time. So it is necessary to reduce stress on a daily basis. PEMFs can play a great role in promoting stress reduction.

Muscles derive energy for their function from a process referred to as Myosin Phosphorylation. This process involves the production of ATP for their smooth functioning. When muscles derive the optimal energy needed for their functioning, then the ability of them recovering from their work routine is also enhanced. Contracted muscles also can relax in a better fashion and the intensity of the pain is also less.

Magnetic fields are capable of penetrating the bones as well. PEMFs can be of great use when the damages within the bones have to be treated. Magnetic fields can improve the regeneration of bone and also helps in treating various diseases like osteoporosis and osteopenia.

The human body has the capability to initiate any healing process in the body by increasing the blood flow to the damaged area and thus increasing the number of inflammatory cells. This physiological process is referred to as inflammation. A number of cells, such as the immune cells support this process. It is a very beneficial process, but it lasts longer than required and causes chronic conditions. This in turn causes chronic pain within the body. PEMFs reduce these problems which arise due to inflammation. Knowing the actions which trigger the inflammation process helps to carry out the magnetic field treatments properly.
This inflammatory condition within the body can be regulated can be controlled by the T cells. Whenever an area of the body is infected by bacteria, the T cells arrive at the zones and kill the bacteria after the white blood cells have played their part. In this scenario, T cells play a vital role in the healing process. Whereas, in injuries induced due to traumatic accidents, T cells have no role to play in the healing process. They magnify the problem if present at the damaged sites for too long. So T cells have to be removed to promote the healing process and bring the body back to normal conditions. It is favorable to remove T cells from the damaged spots during conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis or tendinitis.

Aged and chronic T lymphocytes can be killed by PEMFs under the actions of enzymes present within the cells. PEMFs can also enhance the flow of ions into the cell and thus enhance the enzyme activity.

No metabolic activities within the cells can occur without oxygen. Oxygen is taken into the body from the lungs. It is then absorbed into the blood stream and is transported all over the body by the arteries. The absorbed oxygen is taken up by all the cells to carry out the metabolic processes. Within the cells, the enzymes and other agents utilize the oxygen to catalyze the metabolic reactions. PEMFs play a significant role in extracting the oxygen from the air accumulated in the lungs and transfer it into the blood stream. The metabolism levels of an organism are a key factor in determining the selectivity of the cells to the nutrients. Only the optimal levels of the oxygen in the blood stream promote the cellular activities to take place smoothly within the body. The de-oxygenated blood is then taken back to the heart for the purpose of recycling. It is very essential for the cells to carry out these processes because any damage at the grass root level can hamper the entire picture of the human body functioning.

This piece of work just provides basic idea about the effects of the magnetic fields in the healing process within the body. The special focus is on the effects of the PEMFs. The scope of the magnetic fields is way too higher than those listed in this document. They also play a noteworthy role in reducing muscle tension, improving tissue curing, reducing pain, increasing energy levels within the body, improving clotting factors, slowing the development of arthritis and stimulating the immune system. The use of PEMFs is not just limited to these conditions. They are also helpful in detoxifying the body, increase the uptake of nutrients by the cells, reduce blood pressure levels, help in proper nerve & liver functioning, balance the acupuncture meridians, improve sleep, make soft tissue more flexible and reduce arthritic changes within the body. The applications of PEMFs are only known to increase. With each research finding the PEMFs are just expanding their horizon of applications.

The Difference between PEMF and Static Magnets

The usages of magnets for healing purposes have been contemplated by the researchers in the last few years. People have widely started making use of magnetic materials like bracelets and mattresses for the benefits they have to offer. The use of magnets can be traced back to centuries ago where Cleopatra used to rest on lodestone bed. There is a clear difference between the effects the static magnets have on the body in comparison to the PEMFs.

Distinction between Static Magnets & PEMFs

When two magnets are held together a strong force can be felt between the magnets which corresponds to the magnetic field. These magnets are referred to as static magnets and the interaction between the fields of these two magnets is the force experienced.

The medical equipments make use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields [PEMFs]. Static magnets are in no way made use of in such devices. It would not be appropriate to consider that the static magnets are referred to while discussing about medical devices.

An unchanging magnetic field is engulfed around a static magnet. To create a dynamic magnetic field, electric current is induced in a set of wounded copper coils. This generated a magnetic field of much higher intensity.

Magnetic fields have the capability to generate electric currents in any materials which can be conduct charges. Nerves and tissues within the body have the capability to conduct electric current in the presence of a magnetic field. This induction of current offers a lot of benefits to the body, such as nerve firing, contraction of muscles, stimulation of cell signal pathways promoting cell growth, and a lot of other benefits. The electric current generated by PEMFs is pretty much similar to those generated within the body.

Healing effects

Static magnetic fields lack the intensity to penetrate deeper into the human physical structure. They need to be very strong in their intensity levels to deeply penetrate the body and should also be subjected to the body for longer durations.

Static magnets are used only in acupuncture therapies. They are placed on the acupuncture points to promote the cellular actions. The intensity of such magnets varies from 500 Gauss to about 3,000 Gauss. A treatment which lasts only for about 10 to 20 minutes usually makes use of stronger magnets. The treatment which has to be carried out on a daily basis requires the patient to be subjected to the magnetic intensity of about 500 Gauss only. Small bead magnets are used for the purpose. Static magnets in no form can be used over acupuncture points which are quite deeper. Static magnets can be used over points which lie just 10mm below the surface of the skin.

When static magnets are being discussed, a lot of debate topics crop up regarding the benefits of the polarity of the magnet. There is no scientific evidence available which supports the claims made by people in polarity having a prominent role to play in the healing process. In clinical research trials, the north or the south polarity of a static magnet hasn’t demonstrated any convincing result. This argument is irrelevant in any case when it comes to multi-polar magnets.

A pulsed magnetic field has the capability to penetrate deeper into the body, thus creating a cascade of effects. This dynamic field doesn’t render the body to become familiarized with it and thus makes the treatment indisputably effective.

The treatments involving the use of PEMFs can last shorter than the ones using static magnets. 


The intensity of the magnetic fields involving PEMFs can be significantly less than those involving magnetic fields though ending up offering similar results. Medical devices using PEMFs can be operated from pico Tesla to kilo Gauss levels based on the treatment required for an individual.

Various effects of the static and pulsed magnets have been studied over the years and their effects have been recorded in the scientific studies carried out. This has even initiated a debate in the scientific community regarding the use of magnetic fields of specific strengths can help cure certain disorders. However, it has been proved that certain biological conditions can be treated with signals of various strengths. It has even been shown by the laboratory systems that similar results have been demonstrated by both static and pulsed magnetic fields.

The effects of the static and pulsed magnetic fields have been studied extensively on Ca2+/Calmodulin dependent myosin phosphorylation system. Myosin Phosphorylation systems help the muscles perform and relax better. The scientific research outcomes demonstrate that static field of 450 Gauss and a pulsed field of 0.2 Gauss accelerates the activity of the phosphorylation by nearly two fold. A similar pattern as has been observed in the nerve cell growth, where the growth increased by two fold upon being subjected to both static and pulsed fields.

The distinction between the use of static and pulsed magnetic fields are not yet crystal clear. Demonstrations still have to shed light on certain aspects in order to present a clear understanding. Static magnets find applications in acupuncture sessions. When the entire scenario is considered, they only stand next to PEMFs based on their scope in the medical industry.

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